AWS DevOps, Automated

Unlock the full power of AWS in an instant, with secure, managed, self-service infrastructure provisioned in a few clicks. Start coding on day one.


Create Value From
Day One

Provision secure infrastructure in ten minutes, and immediately deploy web apps, APIs & databases through the service catalogue. No other tool gives your team the ability to deliver great products this quickly.

NIST 800 Compliant

Cut Time,
Not Corners

Ensure compliance at all times, and eliminate technical debt creation by enabling your team to follow best practices every time they put hands on keyboard. No longer worry that mistakes are being made.

Fully flexible

All of AWS,
All the Time

Other solutions lock you into their hosting and marketplaces. With Compoze it's your own AWS account, and you’re never vendor-locked. With us you're guaranteed unlimited access to the full power of AWS.

Service Catalogue

100% Self-Service

Automatically get everything you need to start & keep building applications. Use our Golden Templates, or upload your own. Enjoy full flexibility to do your job. Compoze is designed to enable developers, not restrict them.

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