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Focus on what’s important: Code

PaaS Revolutionized

Go from I have an idea to I have code running in production faster than ever before. Developers can focus on what they love and do best Рcoding. Compoze takes care of everything else needed to produce a robust application. 

Start development on a live application in minutes, not weeks

Compoze rapidly provisions servers, databases, and CI/CD pipelines so that developers can get to working on features right away, not weeks or months down the road.

Customize your archiecture to fit your needs or get started with our reccommended templates for web apps, mobile apps, or custom integrations.

Ecosystem building blocks…

Out of the box robust CI/CD pipelines

Ensure every deployment is a quality deployment. With a simple commit, the built in CI/CD pipeline scans and provides rapid feedback on the: test results, test coverage, potential bugs in your code, maintability of the code, security vulnerabilities of the code, and more.

CI/CD tools leveraged…

Respond rapidly to any issue

Text and email alerting to any issues that might affect your end users along with Real-time insights and robust log aggregriation will ensure you always know whats happening with your application.

Monitoring & Alerting provided by…



Compoze allows us to wow our clients by producing quality software  products weeks, even sometimes months faster than they thought possible

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Powered Up Development

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